Monday, 11 November 2013

5 Things We Need For Our New House In Singapore......

I Found this article on one of the Singapore Blogger sites and thought I'd share it.

When I first read it I was very surprised to see that a 60" LCD 3D TV, Surround Sound and a top of the range coffee system were not listed!!! ( I tried to tell Sheila that they were the essentials!! )

5 Things you need for your new home 

1. Internet
2. Cleaning products & plunger
3. Iron & ironing board
4. Bug spray
5. Tools

These are rather obvious things to have but we do forget the obvious sometimes. Things like the internet are a necessity in this day and age. No doubt your cell phone can connect via 3G/4G to the web, but why work on a small screen when you can do so comfortably on your laptop/desktop?
An internet connection keeps you connected and enables you to do your work when you're at home. It also gives you access to entertainment. More importantly, a stable connection and a computer allow you to apply for whatever permits and licenses you need on account of your new home without having to go out. It saves hours of your time so ensure you've applied for internet service a week or two prior to moving. Alternatively, buy the portable internet thumb drive. Service providers like Starhub, M1 and Singtel have various options, some of which are constantly changing. Check out each provider and decide on the best option for you before taking the plunge.
Speaking of taking the plunge, how many of you have thought of buying a plunger for your home? Even if you've moved into a new building, a plunger and cleaning products are necessities. Cleaning products too are important. A new flat still requires thorough cleaning. You've got to scrub everything down, sweep up the dust, and clean the windows. Generally, you want to get the smell of cement and paint out of your house. Cleaning can take a whole day, depending on the size of your home.
As you're likely to apply leave to get your affairs in order, take that time to sort out your house so that on a base level, it functions well enough for you to feel confident to return to work.
This brings us to the next thing on the list. To go to work, you're going to need clothes. Your packed clothes will need ironing so an iron and an ironing board are essential items. Remember to pack them in unless you're ok with going to work in wrinkled clothes. You can hold off washing clothes until your washing machine arrives. When required, wash it the old fashioned way and hang your clothes out to dry.
A new house is also like a computer; it will have bugs. Although in this case, the bugs have many legs and will creep you out. The humid weather in Singapore is perfect for bug breeding and our homes are constantly attacked by ants, roaches and mosquitoes. Bug sprays are important. First thing you do before cleaning is fumigate the entire house; every nook and cranny must be sprayed. Make a habit of spraying your house every night before you sleep too. Also, close the windows, especially in the evenings to prevent bugs from flying in. Even if you live on the top floor, remember this; bugs have wings and can fly. Bugs can crawl in from anywhere too so have a tool box ready. If you need to tighten up doors, windows or even seal up gaps with putty. You'll be able to do this rather easily on your own. Other than that, if your light bulb blows, you can change it yourself. If you need to fix new furniture, you'll have screw drivers and a hammer. A tool box is the difference between you fixing and sorting things out in your house free and easy and paying someone else to do it.
In summary, all you really need to spend money on is an internet subscription. The other things, you're bound to have. They're not expensive to get either and are value for money as you'll use them constantly. It is tempting to go all out and deck your home in modern electronic goods but remember to keep it simple for the first week. Before you rush to get the cool things, concentrate on getting the necessary ones first.