Sunday, 3 November 2013

More tea?

I just do not get tired of this place!
I love the grand exterior 
'Our' window where we have tea 
the views out over Bennachie 
and the fact that you can take your dog into the drawing room, i mean Daisy is one of the family. 
More tea Daisy? 
I'm fine, just leave me with my paper! 
Just as we were sitting down to tea (lets just pretend it's healthy...ok?) we got a call from my Uncle saying that he was coming over to see us.  We ate up quickly (like I wouldn't eat this quickly anyway?!) and then headed down to see him sitting in the drawing room waiting for us.  My Aunt, Uncle and Cousin came along too and we sat chatting late into the night. 
I did really laugh at all the moaning I had been doing about all this moving.  It sort of came out all at once when I really saw my 'first world problems' and complained that my sundae looked more like a banana split.  I don't know where it came from, but right after I said it I instantly stopped, apologised and tried to be better (this probably only lasted a little while, but I thought I kept it going for ages)