Monday, 4 November 2013

My Mum

On Monday my Mum came over to our place at Mannofield to hang out and see where we lived.  This will be our last move and seeing as we are going at the end of this week we really are trying to squeeze as many visits in with family and friends as possible.
Mum came by bus mid afternoon so I was able to run some last minute errands.  We constantly run out of food with all this moving as it makes more sense at the time to get rid of what we have and do small shops instead of lugging around lots of tins and bottles.  I am also aiming (and have practically accomplished my task) to have every-ones Christmas presents bought, wrapped and handed out before we leave.  We may have a small family, but we want to ensure all of our friends have their presents too.
About a month ago I saw the most fantastic advent calender for my Mum while walking through Boots the Chemist on the way to get my inoculations.  This is nothing like the Christmas ones you get when you are little, this is the very much sought after Boots Beauty advent calender.  I was running late to get to my appointment when i first saw it so I had to find it on line.  Apparently there weren't too many left so I ordered it up and was able to pick it up on Monday.  I had to get some sun cream too and so was able to pick up everything at once.
When my Mum came out to visit I very proudly handed the box over (my Mum is a beauty guru and knows most products very well so I knew she would love it!).  Sure enough it was a big hit and good choice.
We had to get to an appointment so only spent a little time doing our own thing before we had to head to it.  When we were done my Mum suggested she order something from the Chinese takeaway down the street and Mark could meet us at Mums house.  
This move seems to have sneaked right up on us and I can't believe I'm now into the last week.  I'm only going to see my family a couple more times this year..

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