Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Three Days and Counting

Today I went shopping for the last of the Christmas presents, met my Brother, had afternoon tea with my Grama, made tea, tidied up for visitors, met friends and went down to celebrate Guy Fawkes Night by watching my Mum do a fire walk to raise money for the clients at her workplace....and breathe.

The last couple of days were always going to be busy and they really don't disappoint.  
I needed to get the last of the Christmas shopping done and wrapped up for dropping off for my Mum, Brother and Grama.  As they may just be reading this post I really can't say where I went and what I got, but let me tell you it was a little bit from  I'd set myself the goal of getting everything in one and a half hours, but seeing as I had to go and close an account and then deposit the money elsewhere in town the allotted time was almost used up just doing those tasks alone.  I managed to get everything I wanted to and didn't get very stressed as the main presents had been bought and all I needed to do was to get the last little things and stocking fillers for people.

Once I'd gotten everything I wanted to I rushed back to the apartment to wrap things up and them headed back into town to meet my Brother.  We grabbed a coffee and then headed to Church for my very last sermon there *sob*.  One of the very kind women there actually came up to me afterwards and gave me the biggest warmest hug which made me feel really quite emotional.

After that my Brother and I met my Grama who I was taking to The Marcliffe which is my very favourite place in Aberdeen.  Sadly it'll be closed by the time we get back so I will always remember the last time I was there!  Mark had taken me there two years ago for a Valentines weekend and it's the sort of place that spoils you as soon as you walk through the door.  Last time we were there we saw Alex Salmond the First Minister of Scotland, this time my Grama and I saw another Alex, Alex Ferguson. 

When my Grama and I got out of the taxi we went straight to the drawing room where we were seated and given our menus to pick the types of sandwiches and tea we would like.  We asked for a selection of sandwiches and went for breakfast tea and my Grama also got a hot chocolate as it really was quite cold outside.  I didn't mind whatever sandwiches we got, as my eyes were fixed on the scones and cakes....

Our taxi driver came back to pick us up a couple of hours (and many scones later) and I just about managed to roll in over.  Luckily I didn't have far to go in the taxi as I already knew I had to get organised for people coming over in the afternoon.  

It really feels like time is speeding up now that we are in the very final week before the move...