Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Coffee Morning

Sarah and I were invited to a coffee morning at Eden Hall on Tuesday along with all the other expat wives who are FCO spouses.  We had gotten our invitations a while ago when we were both working in our old jobs in the UK.  We knew that Eden Hall is the British High Commissioner's Residence in Singapore and I think we both must have googled it to see that it is where William and Kate visited during their tour.
Eden Hall
Beyond that we had no idea what to expect when there.  On Tuesday morning Sarah came to pick me up and we headed off both worrying if our outfits were nice enough.  Only having a couple of suitcases to keep us going until our shipment arrived really made us think about what to pack and what to leave, luckily we both had a couple of choices, as we both wanted to put in a bit of effort.
The Duke of Cambridge watches his wife adoringly as she signs a guest book at a reception at Eden Hall, Singapore, after the couple have spent a day touring the country
After asking a couple of different people for directions we eventually found our way to Eden Hall, the armed guards were difficult to miss in the end.  We were the first ones there and parked up and wondered a little bit up the hill to the big front door where we were met by some people to take us in.  The High Commissioner's wife is so friendly that we easily chatted away until some other people arrived too.  We had some tea and scones (although I liked the look of the cake...just didn't want to seem too rude by having as many helpings of nice things as I would have done at home!) 

It was really nice being able to talk to some other expat wives and find out where everyone is living as almost everyone there lives in our area.  It will hopefully make it easier to meet new people, all I have to do is have a sneaky look out of the window every time I see someone pass the gate.

One thing that is really starting to get difficult is introducing myself to new people constantly, it really makes you long for those friends from the UK that have been in my life for ever.  There is nobody here that knows my favourite film, or food.  Nobody that I have any funny stories or catchphrases with.  No inside jokes.  Nothing that proves I could be funny or silly or anything before now.  Maybe a fresh start and a clean slate is good in some ways and that's just what I need to focus on.
Eden Hall
It seemed a bit unfair that afterwards once Sarah dropped me off I had to just get on with the chores and the boring things again.  I just don't think that coffee mornings at the parish church will ever be the same again.

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