Saturday, 2 November 2013

Pit and Peak

This is my last week of working in the UK for hopefully two years.  I am going to miss the amazing people I have had the pleasure to meet here but I will hopefully see a lot of them again, or at the very least stay in touch on-line.  This has been such a difficult Pit and Peak to write.

  • Saying goodbye to people and winding up all of the work that I've been doing for ages, I'm just not part of it any more.  I've mostly been tidying things up and trying to stay busy whilst also allowing plenty of time to chat to all the well-wishers that pass my desk!  I have loved this job more than any other and am finding it so hard to say goodbye to everyone.
  • Not staying up to date with my other blog and posting all of my lovely gifts I received in a very well organised Halloween Swap.  I have been rubbish at posting to it and feel bad for neglecting something I put so much energy into at the very start five years ago.  I have so many  happy memories that I can recollect from a single picture or post title, but I keep feeling sad knowing that time keeps on marching by and things are changing.
  • Knowing that the gorgeous weather we are experiencing is the last I will have of autumn and winter for a long time.  I love these seasons more than any other, and in this part of Scotland it is already frosty in the morning.  We are living in a really pretty part of town and I love walking around it early morning and late evening with Daisy dog and feeling how cold it is.
  •       Having a totally fabulous leaving drinks with some of the best people I have ever met and that I have been lucky enough to work with.  It has been amazing and I am already missing these people more than ever.
  •        Having a wonderful send off at work and eating too much at the buffet that was put on right behind my desk. 
  •              Getting a beautiful ‘Sorry you’re Leaving’ card with so many kind and thoughtful things in it.  Lots of ‘in-jokes’ and funny stories that people out with our office just wouldn't find funny.
  •         This one is kind of for next week, but I am so looking forward to staying in the beautiful Pittodrie House Hotel again, I love where we are living at the moment, but nothing can compare to the amazing service at my new second favourite hotel!