Friday, 1 November 2013

First Day of Being a Housewife

***OK, first of all...I just need to explain one thing....I do own more clothes, they are just being shipped to Singapore, or are being taken away to be kept in storage in the UK.  This is not because I am already flunking being a housewife and can't keep up with the washing!***
This is my very well documented day of being a housewife.  Home-maker duties, I'm sure, are very, very difficult.  However, right now I am having an amazing time.  My very first day of being a housewife included me sleeping in, having a leisurely breakfast, going for a long walk with Daisy around the hills of Bennachie, coming home for a nap, and then picking my dinner! 
Luckily we're allowed to keep Daisy in the drawing room as long as she is well behaved!  "Come on Daisy, show them how good you well I trained you...."
Cosy soup, definitely what I need after a very long and tiring day as a home maker (just with no home yet)