Friday, 22 November 2013

Helpful Blogs

When we found out that a move to Singapore was on the cards I immediately tried to find out everything I could about the place.  One of the ways I did this was through blogs.  I’d been really into blogs since about 2008, and so it was a natural step to want to find out about what people really thought about living here.
Singapore is full of loads of expats and therefore has a bunch of blogs.  There are so many people tying to communicate with their friends and family back in the place they originally moved from.  There are so many people grateful for the experience who want to document their good fortune. 
The blogs below are just the ones that I found most useful.  I don’t know how popular they really are, this is just the ones that I happened to like best, or find covered the topics that I most wanted to know about. 
Here is a list of blogs that I used when we found out we were moving:

Blogs not updating anymore

Blogs still being updated