Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Our last Guy Fawkes for a little while

One of the great things about growing up in Scotland is that we celebrate Guy Fawkes night.  I'm excited about celebrating all the great things about Singapore, but this is one thing I will miss about the UK.
This is my last Bonfire Night for two years as I don't think the authorities in Singapore will be too pleased with me lighting a bonfire in the back garden and throwing potatoes into it!
My friends came over to our apartment so that they could come with me to see my Mum participate in the sponsored Fire Walk down at Aberdeen beach where the fire works display is held.  If we were staying in our old apartment we could have cartwheeled over to where my Mum had to go, but seeing as we had since moved we needed to leave over an hour before hand to ensure we were there in time.
Mark was unable to go as he had invited a friend over, and because Mark had been working that meant that I needed to get the shopping in and make the supper.  Luckily we had found all of our 'lost' M&S vouchers so I was able to treat the boys!  Oh yeah, I mean it was all home-made.
I had invited some friends to come and see too so they came over once Mark was able to get on the phone and give better instruction's as to how to get to the apartment, apparently mine were none too clear.
The bus into town took forever which mean that I had to run from Broad Street all the way down the Boulevard to meet my Mum coming out of the pre-fire walk motivational talk (for a non-runner this is actually quite a bit to go!)
We all cheered and clapped so hard for my Mum when she did her walk.  It was actually a further distance than I thought it would be.  Although someone behind me in the crowd saw all of the volunteers and where they had to walk and casually stated they could do it.  When their friend told them to try and volunteer last minute they instantly said they didn't want to and they were going to do a parachute jump for charity instead (God forbid they do two things for charity, although I can't believe they would have done either.)
It was amazing and something I just don't think I would have the courage for.  My Mum wanted to make a get away after doing it and headed home whilst my friends and I stayed for a hot dog, some toffee and the fire works.  They lasted a surprisingly long time and made me really proud to be an Aberdonian.  
Good job it was such a clear night and great display as it will be my last Guy Fawkes night for a little while now.