Friday, 8 November 2013

Our Stuff is Here

When we arrived our three suitcases that were shipped over were already in the house.  So once we'd pulled up, gotten the tour and signed for everything (after travelling for over two days) I started to unpack.  It was 11 pm Singapore time, but I started to get stuff in cupboards.
 Mark and I were still on that 'sleep deprivation high' so whilst he was downstairs looking at everything again I tipped out 5 suitcases onto the bed and started making order again.
I was pretty frightened incase Mark came up the stairs at that point and saw the mess I had made.  Especially as only one bed was made up for us and had bedding on it.
I started to find all of the t-shirts, then fold them and put them away, then I took all of the long sleeved shirts and put them in one wardrobe and the short sleeved ones in another.  I knew the t-shirts wouldn't need ironed, but I hung up all of the shirts even though they needed to have an iron put over them again before Mark headed into work. 
 I'm quite proud of the order I started to make, however half way through I got really sleepy.
 So tea was made and I just kept going, and going, and going.....
When I thought I could start to see the bed under everything I called Mark away from whatever he was doing so that he could marvel at my progress.

 Luckily It took him a little while to come upstairs..
 as every time I turned around there was more and more stuff...
 It was on the floors, the drawers, under the did things get kicked under the bed already?
 But slowly....
 very slowly....order came about.  I am such a pinterest addict that I found a 'new' way to fold t-shirts.  It works better if instead of piling them on top of each other to lay them out more like shops and lay them up instead of flat.  This made sense at 1.30 am so lets just see how long I keep on top of it.

 Finally all of the empty suitcases were put in the hall ready to be packed into one of the cupboards.