Sunday, 17 November 2013

Our first week in Singapore

Well, we have well and truly arrived! We were met at the airport by one of the British Embassy drivers, he took our luggage and ushered us to a waiting car. It was parked right outside the airport in a red "Diplomatic" space! It was so good to have someone look after us and our luggage, we just needed to get in and enjoy the chilled bottles of water that were placed in our seat trays! It took around 40 minutes to get from the airport to our new house. This was a house that we had only seen pictures from the outside, we didn't know anything about the inside of our house! We were met by Gasswan who is the head of a company called ISS, this company manages the house and all maintenance. He showed us around each room and believe me there are lots of these! We were shown how the air con works, how the gas detectors work, how all the keys work etc etc. our house is in one word "huge"! We have a large lounge which feeds into our ample dining room with a table to sit 8. This then leads into our kitchen which then leads into an outside area where the garage, laundry room, maids room, toilet, shower and den are all located. We then have two bathrooms up stairs for the three bedrooms! We have a terrace area outside off the master bedroom and a huge patio area downstairs. In short there are 4 toilets, 3 showers, 1 bath and heaps of rooms for the two of us! We are so lucky to have this house. Detached property with a garden in this area goes for around $30k to $40k per month! We are beginning to settle now, we have a car supplied to us and this has been great to get us around and explore the city and surrounding areas. Our little doggie Daisy joined us on Friday. There was a slight delay in getting her out but nothing too serious. She is settling in well and sniffing around getting used to her new surroundings. The biggest issue we have currently is the lack of Internet at home. We need to wait for our FIN (which means we actually live here) that then enables us to order our cable TV and Internet. I will provide a more detailed update in the next few days but really just wanted everyone to know that we are here, fit and well and enjoying things so far!