Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Pit and Peak

Yay, my first week as a housewife (busy-but not how you’d expect) and my last week in the UK for some time…
·         Every amazing thing that I do I know that I'm not going to do again for a long time.
·         Staying at the Pittodrie House Hotel which I love for a very long weekend.  Having a great long walk with Daisy and then an afternoon nap, sandwich and delicious supper on my first day of being a housewife.  Daisy and I went trekking for 4 hours all around the base of Bennachie and came back very muddy, exhausted but happy.  I can’t think of a better send off from Aberdeenshire.
·         Having the girls over for afternoon tea on Saturday and getting very unexpected leaving presents.
·         Spending a whole day with my Mum on Monday and then getting some Chinese food for tea.
·         Getting a big hug from the friendliest woman at my Church.
·         Seeing my brother on Tuesday and having a good old catch up and talking rubbish to each other for ages like in the old days.
·         Having the most delicious afternoon tea with my Grama at my favourite hotel in Aberdeen, The Marcliffe.
·         Having lunch with the girls from work on Wednesday and finally getting the last of the Christmas parcels to the appropriate people.
·         Unexpected visits from family….always very, very welcome.