Thursday, 23 January 2014

Visiting Chinatown

Mark and I were running out of time to see all the beautiful decorations in Chinatown so we decided to head down there one evening before it got too busy.  We had seen them putting up the horse decorations before Christmas whilst driving down the road to head somewhere, but had only seen a small section.
Around Chinese New Year there are nightly stage shows and many things to see in the shops.  It gets really busy, so I'm glad we came on a week night.  When we parked up we walked down a main street until we came to a busy side street (can't remember if it was Temple Street or Mosque Street).  
The side street looked really interesting with all of the festive decorations and stalls, and seeing as I still hadn't decorated the house it seemed a good time to stock up on goods.  We were also really looking forward to stuffing ourselves with some good cooking.
We eventually settled on a place that served Thai food, although I wish we had just walked a bit further up the street to get some proper Chinese dishes.  I had a something with noodles and just presumed it would be an egg or singapore noodle.  However I got a flat noodle and didn't quite like the taste or texture of what I ordered.  Mark had a curry and he kindly shared some of that with me, although I wasn't really a fan.  I do have to say I am a super picky eater, so that probably covers most of my reaction.  The food was overpriced for what it was and we won't go back there again, but with all of the amazing food in Singapore it is unlikely we'll go to any places twice as there is so much to choose from.

Whilst walking about I did manage to see how beautiful Chinatown is and I picked up some decorations too.
There were plenty of festive stalls to pick something from and we eventually settled on two hanging decorations that are a bit more ornate than lanterns although about the same size and a horse picture that can be hung on the wall.....guess who chose this decoration?!