Sunday, 12 January 2014

A walk at Marina Bay

Marks colleague went out to explore by himself so we went for a walk down to Marina Bay as I think it is the most beautiful area of Singapore.  I'd been before with Sally and Tcina as well as on Thursday, but although Mark wasn't very enthralled by my stories of how lovely it is, he conceded and said he would let me show him during the day.  I also wanted to get close to the Merlion so I could get my picture taken with it.  Mark wasn't willing to play ball, so we decided on a shorter walk around the Bay.
Mark still had a bit of an achy foot, so I ran ahead to get my picture taken on The Helix Bridge.  Engineers would be interested in how it was put together, but I just think it is pretty! (I'm the pink dot on the side of the bridge.)

Mark had to get a shot of all of the information about it.  I decided to double back so we could walk over the bridge together.
We walked around the bay from the Merlion side and walked across the bridge past all of the stands setting up for Chinese New Year.  There was a race going on too so we occasionally had to jump to the side when a bunch of people ran through the groups of tourists.
I still get amazed at living in a big city and always feel its one of those fake backdrops you see at Universal Studios.
I had hoped I could show Mark the top of the Marina Bay Sands, but his foot was still a bit sore (argh, we need this sorted!)  So we stopped for something to eat at a vegetarian place called Pita Pan.  It was right next to the Science Museum which is the orchid/bowl shaped building at the base of the hotel.
Mark had a pita filled with veg of his choosing and some falafel, while I had some feta cheese in tomato, onion and pepper soup/sauce.  Mine came with some pita bread which I used to mop up every single last drop of it.  It tasted great and was priced quite reasonably for somewhere at Marina Bay.  The drinks were quite expensive though as plain bottled water cost $3.50 which to me isn't good value.
I would come back here any time as the dishes were delicious and we had such a great time out casually walking around and people watching.  Visitors, you will be taken here!

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