Friday, 17 January 2014

Lady of Leisure

Whenever somebody asks me where I work and I reply that I don’t they say “Ok, unemployed then,” whereas in the UK they’d be more likely to call you “a lady of leisure.”  In my head it sounds way more polite and makes me think that I should be sipping G&T’s and lazing around a pool.  Unemployed makes me sound an awful lot plainer and makes me think of the list of chores I have to do at home.  Housewife maybe?  Hmmm, to me that makes it sound like I know what I’m doing at home!
The other day someone asked me if I had a car, when I said that Mark did, and that I couldn’t drive they asked what I did all day long.  Well, the list would be quite long, but not all that interesting, but that’s not what I replied.  Instead I made out I was the perfect domestic goddess, which I could be if I just got more done, stopped reading blogs all day….forgetting about items of clothes Mark leaves all over the upstairs…. 
Today is a prime example.  I went to the shop and got quite a lot of shopping and carried it all home again…only to remember that I forgot the eggs which I needed to get for tea tonight.  This means that I am about to head out in the mid-day sun to go get the last little bits of shopping I totally forgot about, and seeing as I’m already there I just know I’m going to pick up many more things.  (I have got to arrive back in the UK as a skinny Minnie after all of this walking)

When I was in the UK so many people said that all my time would be taken up with coffee morning, swimming, yoga at the botanical gardens, and generally sitting back and watching the world go by.  However when I’m out here being an expat wife/housewife/lady of leisure/unemployed means that you are doing the exact same thing as you would in your home country.  We don’t have or need a helper so like in the UK I’m the one carrying the shopping as I don’t work.  This doesn’t bother me in the slightest, I am in such a lucky position, I just….kind of…..don’t really like how terms get bandied about or can make you sound.  Anyway, I really do love pulling the odd yoga position in the park, going for a long walk, floating about in the pool, but just like yoga it is ALL about balance!

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