Thursday, 16 January 2014

Lunch with Mark and some shopping mistakes

Mark needed some help with some stuff at work and I volunteered as sometimes days can go quite slow if I haven't made plans and am up to date with housework.  Unfortunately Mark found out that I wouldn't be able to help him, but said I should still come in and meet him for lunch in town.
I wouldn't normally head to the Orchard area, as although it's really pretty and will be nice for visitors, I'm just not a shopper. I am way to practical and my own Mum despairs of me.

Mum "oh that's a pretty dress, you should get it."
Me "I already have a dress, I don't need two dresses, I wouldn't wear them at the same time!"
Mum "you can own more than one of each thing, you should get it, just do it....."
Me "no, no, I'm not a millionaire, I'm not throwing money away!"

And it goes on like this for ages.  I just don't really see the point of buying up loads of things, I'd rather have the money.  Of course every so often I fall in Love with items of clothing, and I do have quite a few dresses, but I don't actually get the point of looking about for enjoyment.  So I guess I'm missing out on that whole Cluny Court/Orchard Road thing, but I'm ok with that.  I do actually appreciate walking down Orchard Road and seeing all the buildings or sitting with a cup of tea and people watching, so I quite happily took the mrt instead of the bus to Marks work so I could have a little walk first.

I got into Marks work and we went to the on site cafe.  I tried to pick the healthy salad to make up for all of the sweet treats we've been eating up since Christmas, bad idea I stared at Marks delicious looking curry the whole time!  After lunch I walked back towards the mrt trying to remember if I'd been in any of the malls and what grocery shops they had in them.  I ended up going to a Market Place just because I didn't want to spend all afternoon searching, and got a few things for supper.  Without even thinking I picked up courgettes and put them in my basket only to find out at the till that they were $7 for two small ones!  That'll teach me to leave shopping so late I have to go to a Market Place!