Saturday, 11 January 2014

The expat becomes the tour guide

When Marks colleague visited on Thursday we guessed he would be quite tired so decided to leave going out until the Friday.  We headed off to Marina Bay for some food as I didn’t know how ready he would be for a real food court that was outside seeing as he was practically melting in the air conditioned house. 

We parked up in the main financial district and walked around the bay to get to the Shoppes at Marina Bay.  Mark had to stop on the way to look at the kites flying around.  I'm sure Mark will put his spin on it, but quite frankly they weren't what id call kites.  Kites are made of string, bamboo canes and brown paper.  These were whirling, whizzing, battery powered, all singing, all dancing machines!  Needless to say Mark stood hypnotised for a while before eventually agreeing to move on (and only because there was a rumble in my tummy).

We stood under the fans, took pictures of the skyline and I pointed out the Merlion on the other side of the Bay.  Neither of the boys were impressed and they should be mightily disappointed in themselves.

When we finally got to the shops Julian said “wow, this place is massive!” to which we replied, “Um, not really, you should see a big mall.”  It’s done guys, we've become blasé already!  When I worked in Aberdeen, at my second last job, I could go the length of Union Street (our main street) in ten minutes to catch my bus to get home early on a Friday!  (Ten minutes was all it took-albeit I was practically jogging down the cycle lane to get home before the rush…but still, that’s a pretty short main street.  Now here I am calling out Marina Bay for what….?  Not being grand enough?)  My brattishness aside we did love showing off about our new home town.
When we got to the food court at Marina Bay we all decided on the Indian stand near the front and ordered three tandoori chicken trays for just under $15 each.  We all wanted fresh juice and three of those together cost under $10-I think my strawberry was the most expensive and that was only $4. 

After we stuffed ourselves on three big bits of chicken and some naan bread we went to walk up past the science museum to catch the light and water show.  If you want to know more about it, look at my post here.

After that we headed back in the general direction of the car.  I say this because we did head one direction and then the other until we finally found where the car had been parked.
Julian certainly seemed to enjoy himself and doing a touristy thing every so often definitely makes you appreciate everything this vibrant country has to offer.