Friday, 10 January 2014

Pit and Peak

This is Marks first week back at work and I've moved on so much from the Monday Dread I would feel back in November. I've had a really productive week so far as we have a colleague of Marks coming today and I needed to clean the house. All through the holidays (3 weeks of laying about in the sun) we didn't do much, so when Mark headed away on Monday I had my work cut out.
I also think I managed to sleep too much in the last weeks of December as I haven't been able to nod off before 3am for about 6 days-so I'm cranky in the mornings! Mark let me sleep in on Monday, but I don't know if that was just so I'd stay out of his way! I've managed to get through a massive pile of laundry, vacuum(!) and mop every teeny little corner, and generally clear the clutter. I'm back into my routine again, although I did head round to Sally's house for a coffee with some others.
  • Marks away again through the day so we can't hang out and go for little walks
  • Back into my routine
  • Getting to listen to sermons again on my iPad while ironing (makes ironing much more bearable)
  • Hanging out with other expat ladies aka drinking fresh coconut water, eating homemade flapjacks and chatting (even if this 2 hour departure from chores does mean it's all the harder to get back to mopping)
  • Having the house to myself and playing music very loudly

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