Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Nursery food for a nursery mood

After all of the rich food I’ve been eating in the last couple of months I am more than ready to get healthy.  Marks also been away recently and I can never bring myself to cook a real dinner when it’s only me that will be sitting down to it.

I have really enjoyed spending my time at home browsing through all of my cookbooks and checking out ideas on Pinterest when I’ve got time to myself, and have definitely gotten more adventurous with cooking.  Not having to work for 9 hours a day and travel for 3 sure does make a difference!

However I’m in need of something very, very simple so after a quick look in the fridge I have now pulled out every vegetable and thrown it in a pot with some water.  There are plenty of other opportunities to show off my culinary prowess.  

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