Wednesday, 22 January 2014

My New Bike

Say HELLO to my new bike!  We took over my old mountain bike, but when we saw this one in Giant we knew it was so me, and would be really handy for when I go out shopping.  The mountain bike was a bit old and rusty and although Mark was going to get it cleaned up it wouldn't have been the same.
We went to Giant at IMM and picked it up there.  A sales assistant checked it over and I had to stop myself from riding it to the car.  Not only would I have gotten into loads of trouble, but am not very good at bike riding in general.  When I was still in single digits I had a bike, but when we moved it got lost and I never really missed it.
During my time in the cadets I did some mountain biking, but mostly just to show up at things.  Mark still tells everyone about the time he took me out for a ride at Ballater and I fell side ways as I slowed down too much to go up a kerb.  When I stood up and got the bike on its wheels again I went off riding with a tuft of grass sticking out of the handlebar....only for everyone I met to gaze at me awkwardly while stifling sniggers (thanks a lot Mark!)  
This is going to be very different, yup, I'm going to happily ride around like Julia Roberts/Elizabeth Gilbert in Eat Pray Love when she was in Bali.  I shall glide serenely from home to market not even breaking a sweat.. (except for the whole crashing bit, that bit I don't want to do....)