Wednesday, 15 January 2014

A trip to Ghim Mo Market

Sarah and I headed out to Ghim Mo market on Tuesday as we’d heard it was our closest and we really wanted to get in about all of that delicious fresh fruit and vegetables.  Sarah had a couple of hours before she had to pick up her eldest who has just started half days at nursery school so we left around 10am and took the quick drive from my house where Sarah picked me up.
We parked near some HBDs and walked off in the general direction we believed the market to be.  I have no sense of direction and constantly claim never to have been places I could have been sitting in 5 minutes ago so I let Sarah lead the way.  She quickly got us to the wet market and we started to weave in and out of all of the stalls.  There is a section for food, the proper wet market area for all of the freshly prepared fish and the shops area where they sell some pillow cases or towels.  All around the market is little shops selling shoes or bags, or regular grocery shops.  There were several coffee shops as well as chemists and some shops that looked like they had just been set up for Chinese New Year, although they looked like they could hold their own in a beach front in a Mediterranean resort.   
We walked around the market a couple of times just looking before we actually grabbed a basket and started filling it with fruit and veg.  I got some peaches, nectarines, dragon fruit, plums, peppers and an aubergine which all worked out cheaper than fair price.  While Sarah got hers I played with her youngest daughter who was having great fun putting oranges into my basket whilst I took them out again.
Once we got our supplies we looked at the lime trees for sale which were decorated with ribbons for Chinese New Year.  I also like the look of some ‘cath kidston’ bags and purses, but pulled myself away from them lest Mark never trust me with housekeeping again!

Unfortunately the market is supposed to be closing this year for refurbishment which puts paid to my plans of cycling down there on a sunny morning to pick up our supplies for the day.  I will definitely be back there and could happily walk, but will endeavour to find a bus which might take me part of the way back.  If going by MRT I think the closest stop is buona vista as its quite close to (but the other side of) the star mall.  The only thing I’d recommend is looking up it’s still open by the time you get round to going!