Monday, 20 January 2014

A girls got to shop

When we were packing up all of our belongings to ship to the other side of the world we were really quite blasé about what was staying in storage in the UK and what was to go in the sea freight.  We’d been on holiday before and off course knew what clothes were the holiday ones. 
I love my new time outs
However when we arrived it was pretty clear there had been a mix up.  I kept opening boxes with scarves and hats in them and when I did get to our holiday clothes boxes I couldn't help but think we hadn't been all that prepared.  In total I have about 10 t-shirts.  I have 3 pairs of casual shorts and a few summery floaty dresses.  That is it.  Whenever we've been on holiday we've just lazed around the pool and rolled into something casual to grab something to eat on the waterfront.
When we came to Singapore I was very aware that it was the minority of shops that carried ‘ex-pat sizes’, however when I have had to admit defeat (and know that my packing skills weren't all too hot) I've been really pleasantly surprised.
I love my dresses, but mopping floors in this dress makes it much less romantic.
Warehouse, H&M and Dorothy Perkins are great because I already knew the style in the UK, and there are loads of American shops that carry western sizes too.  I'm sure the problem would be much worse in other parts of Asia, but Singapore is so western it hasn't proven troublesome at all.
There are times when I would love some of the gorgeous dresses that are in the stalls at markets or shops under the malls or HBD’s, but unfortunately my body is just not built like that!  I have a very skinny friend who was ‘shoo’d’ away from a dress by an impatient shopkeeper as the dresses didn't cover her size (which is a single digit!)
maybe I should have been more forward thinking
I have been thinking of heading down Arab Street to visit some dress makers.  Our friends took us for a little trip around the area and I fell in love with so many fabrics it was insane.  I can picture myself gracefully gliding around in a one of a kind creation that nips in and skims over all of the right areas.
Overall I wish I had brought over more cotton loosely fitting t-shirts and basic shorts.  I forgot that I would be doing chores (and boring things you never do on holiday) in these clothes. 

“Unless it might be better for me to get a helper for the chores and I won’t go shopping as much……. Mark…… Mark………no, it’s not going to work, shopping it is!”

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