Wednesday, 1 January 2014

A walk up Clarke Quay

Some friends of ours were visiting Singapore from Malaysia and wanted to show us around so we headed out to Clarke Quay after visiting the Arab Quarter.
Along the river are three main areas you'd visit, these are Boat Quay, Clarke Quay and Robertson Quay.  Boat Quay is the part of the river closest to the financial and banking areas, but also Marina Bay and you can see it from the observation deck at the top of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel.  It is full of really beautiful and quite cute old shop houses which are so ornately decorated you can't help but stop and stare.  Of all of the areas around the river this would be the most chilled out.  We just parked up in this area and started to walk.  It was quiet because it was the start of January, but there was still plenty of things open to see and it was easier to get around.
Clarke Quay is super touristy and full of things to keep you entertained.  There are loads and loads of restaurants which would cover more Western dishes and plenty of places you can get a drink.  Personally it isn't really for me, but i can totally see it being a place you'd go for Birthdays or Girls/Boys Nights Out.
We walked along the river and grabbed some ice-cream from a busy looking shop.  Mark went for good old strawberry, but when I saw salted caramel I knew I had to get some.  BAD DECISION.  I've found that food here is really quite salty for me, and picking this particular ice-cream was some poor judgement on my part.  It was awful.  Our friend said she'd swap hers with me, which was so kind, but i just gave it to her so i could focus on gulping down as much water as i could!
On we walked a bit further until we came to a totally covered over area.  It looks like it would make going out in any weather really nice, and it was still decorated for Christmas.  
There was a large flat area with jets of water streaming up in the centre which all the kids were running in and out of.  I was really adorable and I can imagine 'falling' into it myself on a warm day!
We crossed the river and started to walk back down the river but stopped when Mark's foot got a bit sore.  He went over it a couple of days ago and has been a bit sore ever since.  Lets hope it improves soon as we are still not properly covered insurance wise!
Although I normally want to run and hide when we hit a busy area of town this part was OK.  I really enjoyed people watching and of course spending the evening with such lovely friends.
Quite a few people had brought their dogs with them which made me wish Daisy was a bit more acclimatised so i could show her off, and obviously give her the grand tour too.
I was all for going on a really cool looking ride which threw you up in the air.  There was a relatively short queue and all you had to do was get in a pod with about 9 other people while you were pulled back by an elastic band then let loose.  You would have got an amazing view and i just love scary rides.
Unfortunately this 2 minute ride cost $45 which is a bit steep.  When we went on holiday to Las Vegas I did all the rides at the top of our hotel The Stratosphere and ran around Circus Circus and other hotels doing as many amusement parks as I could (I was too young to drink or gamble so I had to do something!)....but none of these rides cost THAT much.  
When we finally got back to the car Mark was exhausted from walking on his bad ankle so coupled with a few recent late nights we headed straight for bed.  I would definitely come back to walk around the river again and next time might find more things I would want to do, or places that would be good to eat at, but we were really lucky for coming down to a place that is normally very busy at such a quiet 

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