Monday, 13 January 2014

The Pool Goes In!

On Sunday morning just as we were having our breakfast the people came to set up our new overground pool.  We had wanted one as soon as we arrived, but were checking out prices online for a while, and then kind of forgot about it over Christmas.  With the festive season behind us we decided to just get it ordered and settled with a company in Malaysia.
We were sold on them as we wouldn't have to set it up ourselves.  I'm no stranger to hard labour, but we have no tool at all, and since taking Daisy for a slow stroll makes me very warm I wasn't looking forward to doing this in my un-acclimatised state!
It was a bit of a pity we hadn't gotten it organised earlier for Marks colleague coming out, but at least he was able to see it go in, and he is coming back within the next couple of months.  The pool people set it up really quickly and put the garden hose into it to see how it would fill up.  They left for a little while as Mark was driving his colleagues to the airport and I was able to take some pictures.  I almost feel bad for all of the facebook updates I've been doing what with everyone in the UK getting soaked with all of the rain....sorry guys!
We put the pool in the area at the end of the patio right in front of the kitchen and next to what would be a Maids area if we had one.  The Maids area would obviously be a helpers part of the house so that she would have her own cooking area, room, and toilet/shower-room.  As we have no helper we are hoping to turn the Maids bedroom into a rec room/living room and use the shower room and toilet for when we are wet from the pool.  This will hopefully mean less footprints going through the dining room.
Can't wait to show you it once its all filled up!

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