Sunday, 30 March 2014

Marks Birthday

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to Maaaaaaark,
Happy Birthday to you!

its Marks birthday today so its especially nice that we have family over to see him on his special day. Mark hates birthdays so we normally keep them quite small, apart from the time we went to Edinburgh on a surprise trip, or when I've decorated the whole house, or when i've taken him out for dinner, or had a great big birthday tea with all of his favourite foods.  Ok, i don't do little birthdays at all!
We had cinnamon rolls and bacon for breakfast as a treat out on the patio and then headed down to Vivo to find a present Mark would pick out for himself.  Our visitors could get to see some shops and we'd also be able to show them Sentosa from the roof of Vivo.
When we arrived we immediately decided it was entirely appropriate to stop for a rest as we'd been circling the car park for a full 15 minutes prior to finding a space.  We were initially disappointed when our new car wouldn't arrive in time for people coming, but now we are happy we have the small one that can fit into tiny spaces.  We headed up to Starbucks to grab something cold and people watch before hitting the shops.
Marks first port of call was a gadget shop, but nothing appealed so we run an errand for my uncle and went to the camera shop...big mistake, huge mistake.  As soon as we got in Mark wanted whatever my uncle had and started asking about cameras and the different accessories he could get that would go along with it.
My aunty and i wanted to see some real shops aka clothes shops and went our own direction after waiting about for the men for too long.  We looked at some shorts in different places before i found the most beautiful maxi dress in Warehouse-one of my favourite shops in Scotland.  When the sales assistant asked if i was going to buy it for any occasion i replied it was for going to KK!  When i got to the counter, however, i found that there was a long pulled thread running right down the front.  booo, so i never got my new dress after all.
When we got home i started to make Marks birthday tea which took longer than i had originally guessed which meant we weren't able to follow our original plan of going to the animal safari.  Mark seemed to have a really good time and our visitors are still happy (and haven't been poisoned by my cooking just yet), so things are still looking good!