Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Our New Car

As we are coming in to Singapore with Marks work we were given six months to import a car without the massive fees that normally come along with car ownership over here.  So far we've been renting from Avis and have been lucky enough to have had very few problems with renting for so long, but today Mark got the car he'd been wanting for ages.
Photo: Had to part with my hard earned for the new car. Managed to bag myself a great deal in Japan! Should be here in around 3 weeks and then on the road a week or so after when the a Singapore plates are fitted!
Welcome to the family new car!  We saw you on-line ages ago, but somebody else put a bid in and you were off the market as we just weren't quick enough.  However they dragged their feet and we managed to get you second time around.
For as little as I know about cars I really love this one, I love the size of it as well as the shape....ok, you can see straight through me.  What I love about this car is that there are two TVs that I can watch DVDs on.
Hopefully I'll be able to post again soon, we're super busy with visitors right now.

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