Saturday, 29 March 2014

Lazy Day and Planning

Today was quite a lazy day as Mark and I headed up to the Navy Exchange for some groceries whilst our visitors took the opportunity to laze by the pool and sit in the warmth of our lovely Singapore sunshine and read or relax.
Whilst shopping we spotted Rob and Sarah who were also getting their big-shop in.  We were like 'kids in a sweet shop' picking up all of the items we had gone so long without, didn't think was normally good value or hadn't seen before.  
When we got back we decided to write down everything everyone wanted to do and arrange days to do them on.  I wish i had done this with my Mum and Grama when they came over as its really quite stressful trying to guess what things people will enjoy, and even worse-heartbreaking when they announce things aren't to their liking.
We now have three full weeks of things to do and it looks like the only time we'll be able to sit down is when we go on our holiday to kk!