Friday, 28 March 2014

A Proper Welcome

Our visitors arrived safe and sound today at the appropriate time.  (After i thought they were 4 hours late, frantic phone calls to the airline, making Mark panic mid-meeting, and then finding out i was 24 hours wrong). We needn't have worried as the limo took them right to the house just before Mark arrived home.  The welcome to Singapore dinner went better than the arrival dinner my poor Mum and Grama got and my Aunt and Uncle seemed to be doing well after such a long flight.
After we chatted and got something to eat (and drink from those coconuts i spent ages trying to cut open) we went for a little drive around town and ended up going down Orchard Road to show off some of the sights of our new city.
We then headed down to Marina Bay to show off the hotel just when we noticed that it was getting quite close to the time we could park up and see the water, light and sound show.  We managed to find a space quite quickly so the men-folk played with their cameras whilst the women spoke about the shopping opportunities and the ladies nights at the sky bars.
Everyone seemed really impressed with the show, although being a Friday it was super crowded. Pasar Bella had also set up a pop up kitchen where the seating for the show is normally meaning people were more squished together than normal.
Afterwards everyone seemed exhausted and our guests were more than ready for bed and the start of a really fun three weeks! Fingers crossed...!