Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Chartering a Yacht for the Night

Some time ago, in January I think, Amanda had called me to ask my thoughts about a 'chartering a yacht' groupon voucher she had just seen.  We would have to get a group of people together, but she outlined the price and what activities were included depending on what time/day you chose to go.
After talking it over with Mark we agreed it was a fantastic idea and quickly signed ourselves up for it.  This Saturday evening was D-Day and we got ourselves ready for a night out on our own catamaran.  In all 16 people came along which i think worked out as a perfect amount of people.  The boat could take 30, but i think at that point it would be a bit too crowded and not everybody would have been able to get a seat outside or move about as freely.  As it was also a groupon voucher we were only allowed a smaller amount of people on board so that the crew still made money from the trip.
I mostly knew everyone on the trip, and those I didn't I quickly introduced myself to.  Now that we've been in Singapore for 5 months I'd met most of the couples at either the Christmas party, coffee mornings or 'girls night outs'.  Although like most times we go out in Singapore my facebook friends list has an leap in numbers afterwards as everyone is so friendly.  
One couple volunteered to have pre-trip drinks at theirs and the bus was organised to meet us there too.  We arrived a little late due to a banking disaster i will outline in a whole other post (oh the joys), so we weren't able to get the party started until we were on the bus.  Once we arrived at Keppel Bay Mark and I had a good look around.  We'd never been to this part of town, although we had heard that Prive was a nice place to eat.  We met up with some friends who had made their own way down and then were led to our vessel for the evening!  
We decided to take our own drinks for the evening, but wanted the crew to take care of our food.  There was an extensive package, but we all finally agreed to the Indian menu which worked out well divided up between all of us.  After our welcome and the obligatory safety instructions we left the harbour and made our way around the island and Sentosa towards St Johns Island.
We listened to music and chatted in groups as we left the city behind us.  The champagne came out, but seeing as neither Mark or I really drink we got ourselves some peach tea and toasted the trip with the others!
The sun started to set as we dropped anchor for the evening and we watched the moon come out before our supper for the evening was prepared.  There was lamb curry and fish curry, really flavourful rice and chicken as well as profiteroles for dessert.  We watched the moon, chatted some more and even danced to some tunes on the way back before watching the fireworks at Sentosa.
Everyone agreed this was something we really had to organise again and I found myself nodding with the others.  One of the most common things I say in Singapore is.."remember what we were doing this time last year?"  Every time it is said with a grateful heart and joy.  Every time it is said is because we have been given an amazing opportunity.  Sometimes I can't help but stop and look around while I count my blessings.  
On the way back to the 'after-party' Mark and I were nominated to organise the snacks as everyone had gotten a bit wibbly for some reason or other....  So whilst everyone settled down with some more fizz we got the cooker fired up and started filling it with some more nibbles.  We managed to stay for about another hour before we agreed it was time for bed.
Luckily as Mark wasn't drinking we were able to jump in the car and head back to the other side of Medway and arrived home in no time.  Daisy as always had an inquisitive face, and because she had been so good whilst we were away for the evening I took her out for the last time that night.  It's a pity dogs aren't allowed on board as she would have loved the wind in her face too!
If this boat ever comes up on groupon again I would definitely say to buy the voucher.  In hindsight I would have tied my hair up and worn either trousers or a long dress as I am not used to blustery days after living here for a while now.