Monday, 3 March 2014

Satay with Visitors

Ok, so by now you know we are addicted to Satay by the Bay.  I'm thinking of changing the blog title, really, we just can't help it.
So we are well and truly into our first set of visitors being here and are super busy.  Mark has lots of days off, but we pretty much get up and get going.  By the time it comes to tea time and heading home I am pushing past a wall of extreme tiredness by making the quickest meal I can.
My Mum and Grama are only here for little over a week, so I am trying to show them as much as possible as there is so much to see.  Tonight Mark took us out to Satay by the Bay for a feast so that I would not only have no cooking to do, but no clearing up after either.
(Mark..?  Why aren't I one of those rich housewives that have a helper and go out for brunch every day?)  Ok, well seeing as he is being entirely unreasonable (read-normal) I will be thankful for what I have....
and what I have is a very full tummy after this massive feast.  Urgh...I can't move....