Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Satay by The Bay - Great selction of food from all over the world!!

We have eaten at Satay by the bay a couple of times now and its fantastic. It’s based on a traditional Hawker Court (just a little more expensive to cater for the tourists) you browse the extensive selection of food on offer from Pizza & Pasta, Chilli Crab, Mediterranean, Indian, Chicken & Rice, Seafood and of course all the Satay Stalls.

We kicked off proceedings with a 45 piece platter from the Satay Stall. It comprised 15 Prawn, 15 Beef and 15 Chicken all served with bowls of spicy peanut dipping sauce. It was delicious and at $50 not too bad. There are a few cheaper stalls around but we stuck with the tried and tested stall from our previous visit. There is a huge queue on a Saturday & Sunday from around 7pm onwards but that just shows how popular they are! Things quieten down around 9:30pm(ish)

We then tucked into a Tandoori Mixed Platter. There were four of us so we opted to buy two full platters, 3 nan breads and two portions of rice. This came to $60 but again not too bad when you consider four of us all ate like kings and felt comfortably full afterwards. The tandoori is excellent and well cooked. The base of onions and vegetables soak up all the juices and was delicious with the rice.

We visited the fresh juice stall a couple of time and with a fruit juice costing around $1 it was very good value.

All things considered Satay by the Bay is my new favourite eating place, great food, lovely location, super views and a welcoming breeze off the water.

POINT TO NOTE : During really busy period don’t sit too close to the Satay vendors as it gets really Smokey!!