Friday, 14 March 2014

Daisys Morning

Daisy and I go for a walk every morning and evening.  I read that you shouldn’t let your pet outside if you find it too warm to hold the back of your hand to the pavement for more than 7 seconds, so we try to get out before it’s too warm each day.  (If you want to see some ideas for keeping your pet warm look here.)
We normally go for a walk around Medway Park as Daisy can’t go that far as it’s too humid for her, which means she’s exchanged her 5K walks in Aberdeenshire to about 2K here.  When Mark is able to take us all out for walks at the weekend I love to ‘show’ her new places to play, but as I can’t drive we spend the week together in our own little neighbourhood.
Today we found a new walk which is just a little bit away from our house.  I really love how open the space is and how quiet it is too.  I haven’t seen another person here meaning all this space is ours.  Daisy can stop and sniff anything she fancies and I can plan out the day or make mental lists in a wide open space.

This is my new favourite spot and I’m already planning an Easter picnic here!