Tuesday, 8 April 2014

A Very Special Birthday

Happy Birthday to my Auntie Margaret!  I'm so glad you were able (and wanted) to spend your Birthday with us in Singapore.  It's a bit sad when you think that not everyone is together like they would be in the UK...obviously I mean it's a pity they aren't here, not that it's a pity we are here in the sunshine!
We started off by going to Prive at Keppel Bay as we thought it was so pretty my Aunt was sure to love it.  Turns out it was a good call!  The sun was a bit bright (i don't actually normally pose like this, i swear it's because of the sun)
 We all picked very delicious things and the service was fantastic.  Afterwards we went up to take the cable car from Mount Faber to Sentosa where we stopped long enough to visit the cable car museum and then headed back again to Harbour Front for a coffee.  Mark and I sat in Starbucks whilst my Aunt and Uncle did a little bit of shopping before coming back to meet us again.
PLEASE remember we spent the holiday doing very un-poses
We then went back to the house to have a Birthday Tea...no matter how much you eat through the day you NEED a Birthday Tea.  This was just a little one though as it was much too long a day full of nice things already.  If this is the standard of Birthdays here I can't wait for my own one....

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