Thursday, 10 October 2013

Temporary Home and a Very Good Treat

When we arrived at the hotel after moving out of our old house we were both exhausted and to be honest a little bit hyper.  It really hit home that we were moving away, that I wouldn’t see my possessions for a couple of months and that I was going to be unemployed in twenty days.  Mark had taken a half day with work needed to make some calls and suggested we ordered a sandwich from room service.  One perk was that we were staying in a really beautiful hotel which worked out much cheaper than travelling into Aberdeen straight away.  
However, after so much stress in the last two days I came over a little high maintenance and with a little persuasion from me, Mark agreed that we’d have afternoon tea in the drawing room.  All I meant to say was that I didn’t like the look of any of the sandwiches.  I don’t normally eat anything at lunch time, but after a hectic morning and long walk I really wanted something.  I therefore (and this is my story so I’m sticking to it) needed something tastier than a boring old sandwich.  In my defence, Mark didn’t need too much convincing!  

We settled down in the drawing room-which we were allowed to take Daisy into and I read a paper whilst Mark got some work done.  As we had only just missed the official ‘afternoon tea time’ they had to go power up the ovens to make us a fresh batch of everything.  I happily waited and had a look around our grand old country house for the evening before our tea came.  After Daisy and I had eaten way more than we should have I took her for another long walk in the beautiful gardens and then had a nap before Dinner.  I certainly think we’ve deserved it!

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