Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Just waiting now

Daisy loves having a corner apartment to look out of
Mark and I are playing the waiting game now that we are in temporary accommodation and have no possessions or house to our name.  The hardest thing was definitely finding a place to live that would accept our little Daisy dog, so now that we have we shouldn’t complain too much that we have to move every week to another flat or hotel.  We’ve been a week in our current place and the novelty of town hasn’t worn off yet.  I’ve not been sleeping very well as the bed in so small and uncomfortable, but I love that I can wake up later and get into work at the same time.  We move on Sunday to our second hotel and then a little after that back into another apartment on the other side of town.  We still don’t have any flights booked  and we don’t know if we’ll even be in Aberdeen at the end of the month.  This is making planning my Leaving Do really quite difficult (I know this might sound spoilt, but these are my best friends and colleagues…). 

I feel really sorry for Daisy right now who is being such a trooper and not getting worked up or upset by all of this.  I think Daisy and I are just coming along for the ride with this trip as we are the last to know about anything that’s happening.  Mark is getting more and more work to do ahead of the move, and so whilst he is really busy with that Daisy and I have been going on plenty of nice walks and exploring each new area we live in.

I’m also playing the waiting game at work where I’m not being given any new work and so I have reverted back to plodding through older stuff and sorting files-you know the stuff you normally do at the end of the year?  It was never really super, super exciting, but this is just too samey.  I work as a project assistant right now and one of the projects that the team I work in was working on was accommodation for those who need more help getting back into society.  It’s such a pity I’m not going to be here to see it finished.

I leave work on Halloween and really hope that we’ll move right after that, I don’t want to be unemployed as well, I will have nothing to do seeing as I can’t even plan ahead for Christmas.  Who knows, we might not even have left the UK by then!