Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Moving Day

the path near the house
 Well, that was it!  Mark and I are officially homeless, we no longer call anywhere in Aberdeen or Aberdeenshire our home and are vagabonds!  Yesterday the movers came and started packing up all of our belongings.  They took about 6 hours on the first day and got the majority of work done.  Mark had been really stressed out by the move before yesterday, but on Monday it was my turn to freak out good and proper. 
our old view

some of our old neighbours
Mark had worried that there wasn’t enough done or cleared away in time for them packing up.  We had a car boot sale a couple of weeks ago and had gotten rid of quite a lot of junk that I had kept about the house.  I’d also put a car full of clothes away to a charity shop so I certainly think we’d tried our best to shed the excess junk we inevitably carry around on each move.
looking back towards our house

However part of this good work was undoubtedly undone when on the previous night I insisted on going to Tesco to stock pile toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner.  Mark got carried away too and we bought 12 shaving sticks for him as well as some razors.  I’m more than sure Singapore has these things, but I’ve heard they can be on the expensive side.

Look Mum, sheep!
I remember thinking that this would be the easiest move so far, but oh my gosh was I wrong.  Mark found me at one point hiding in the garage (it is just TOO weird to have people you don’t know pack up everything you own in the world and take it away from you whilst you make them cups of tea and stand awkwardly in your own ‘home’).  

My Uncle came over to pick something up once the movers had left for the day so we had to entertain in an empty and extremely un-cosy/welcoming house!  There were a couple of odd glasses left in a drawer the movers hadn’t gotten too, and as we’d been running down stores in anticipation of the move we broke into a box of chocolates that we were going to give to our neighbours.  (Don’t worry, we will replace them!)

The next day was a little better, one- because Mark was here for the whole day and the movers spent less time with us and two- because since the TV was one of the first things to be packed up we headed off to bed super early.  Mark let me abandon ship and I got to take Daisy dog out for a nice long walk.  It was a gorgeous sunny day and a real treat to be at home on such a day.  When I worked part time I used to always grab my camera and go on great long walks along beaches and hillsides at our old house, so being able to take an autumnal stroll and find new paths to follow calmed me down no end.

Once the movers had pulled out of the drive (for the second time-they originally left something behind and we had to call them back!) the postman came with my Halloween swap parcel from my other blog.  I opened up all of my little packages and was really touched by how thoughtful and beautiful the handmade items were. 

We then ran about picking up any rubbish, vacuuming and dusting so that we wouldn’t have much to do when we came back to clean it up officially for the handover back to the landlord.  After a busy couple of days we were more than happy to quickly pack up our few remaining belongings and headed off to the hotel we’d be spending the night in.  Let me just say I was very ready for someone else to do the cooking and take care of us!

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