Sunday, 20 October 2013

Party Time

This weekend Mark and I were invited round to my Aunt and Uncles to have an early Birthday Tea for my Cousin who celebrates her Birthday in November, by which time we’ll be gone.  We were very excited as there aren’t many more days we’ll have as family events and it also meant that we’d be able to give out some of the presents that we’d got for everyone (and we’d been carting around in the car for weeks). 
When we arrived we knew something was up…..twinkly lights in the living room?  Sparkly decorations?  Christmas in October?
My cousin with Daisy
My wonderful family made it Christmas for us as we’d miss out this year.  We snapped crackers, ate too much, unwrapped presents, wore paper crowns, played charades and watched Strictly (this is non-negotiable).
This made me so sad as we are now on the last countdown of seeing people.  When we leave for Singapore we probably won’t see everyone until NEXT CHRISTMAS.  So, for now, I am trying to be positive and enjoy each of these events.