Saturday, 26 October 2013

Greek Night

Reminds me of Cyprus
My Mum invited Mark and I out to our favourite restaurant for a little shin-dig on Friday night.  Our favourite place in town is an amazingly good Greek tavern.  Ever since my Mum took us on a sailing holiday around the Greek isles we have all been obsessed with Greek culture, food, erm…anything, so obviously since I was at Primary School I have only ever thought of going to one restaurant.  Mark found out pretty quickly that this was our go-to place and even had the first ‘meeting of the family’ there.

We picked everyone up and headed there for lots of delicious food and hearty laughs.  (And unlike the last time I was here with the girls there was no dancing on tables!)  They do the most amazing food and we are always stuffed by the end of the evening.  I love salty feta cheese and all of the chopped up peppers that go with the starter I always have.

I even planned some things to do with my family when I stop working next week.  This countdown is really speeding up now and is freaking me out a little bit.  I am trying to enjoy seeing everyone as much as possible and planning fun things to do is always a welcome break from fretting over the lack of plane tickets booked.