Thursday, 17 October 2013

Pit and the Peak

I thought that in the run up to the big move I could do a Highs and Lows to go over everything as a good reminder that life is a) cyclical and b) pretty much very good, so here goes:

·         Marks working days are getting longer due to the move meaning less Mark and Daisy time for me.
·         The weather went from gorgeous bright blue skies and clear crisp days to rainy and damp in no time, c’mon autumn, I know you can do better!
·         Lots of injections-after having blood taken for the last two weeks and four injections at the medical I am full of puncture marks and not impressed.
·         We have been passed from pillar to post with our vets and have had to move as they had us really worried and paying for things that Daisy didn’t need….making us very cross!
·         Living in town and not paying massive fuel bills is great and makes our Dream Home fund grow larger quicker.
·         After finding a bunch of vouchers I had safely put away last year we have been having really nice food every night from M&S and lots of nice treats like hopefully going out for pizza later this week.
·         I’m having a girls night out on Friday as a last hurrah with some of my best friends before we move.
·         We’re having a family night together on Saturday as an early Birthday for my cousin.
·         We’re hopefully heading to one of the cafes at the beach for breakfast this weekend, where it will hopefully be such great weather we can take Daisy dog and sit outside.