Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Rolling Stone

Mark and I both woke up with stinking colds this morning, me at 3.15am and Mark shortly after.  We’ve been having dinner this week with my family as we have now moved into our second hotel during this move.  It’s been nice seeing everyone, but everyone is so very ill that we seem just to be passing the same bug around each other.  My Mums been looking after Daisy Dog and taking her for little walks in our absence - although I don’t think Mum is as tolerant of Daisy’s naughty streak!
Goodbye pretty beach apartment
The hotel is a little old and dated, but it’s the closest one to my family that accepts pets and is near to town and it’s for these things that I’m trying to be grateful.

The countdown is on for my last days at work which makes me sad about leaving everyone and such a great team, but also excited for what’s to come.  The girls in the office are having a leaving party for me and then we should hopefully be having another ‘Leaving Do’ which everyone will be invited to pop into.  I say hopefully because we may be leaving Aberdeen the day after I leave work, which just proves that things are getting really difficult to organise.

Let’s hope things start coming together soon!

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