Wednesday, 28 May 2014

A Goodbye Lunch

After our RDA session today a group of the volunteers went out to say goodbye to our good friend Karin.  This is the first goodbye I've done and I didn't think it'd be so difficult to send someone on their way.  Karin was only here for a short while as her husband Ivan was on sabbatical and after a month out for travelling they are going to pack up and head back to New Jersey.
Karin has been so much fun at RDA and our walking group, so we all signed a RDA book for her then took her out for lunch at Cedele on the top of Wheelock Place.  It's the first time I've been there but is a pretty location for a lunch. The other women had amazing looking salads or sandwiches, but I went for the roasted pepper and tomato soup.  It's a bakery/cafe that looked like you get get a few healthy options out of the mains menu.  It also looked like there were good vegetarian options too.  There were bread and chutneys on sale at the front door but I was too busy getting group shots of our post RDA lunch group.
Good luck in your future travels Karin, we'll miss you lots!

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