Wednesday, 14 May 2014


Another snapshot.....still waiting on the laptop to get its act together.....
My New Years resolution was to read the Bible end to end. I've probably read it through a few times and read most parts of the NT loads, but I've never went all the way through.  It was only when I tried to understand something from the NT by checking back on the OT that I thought there's probably so much I'm missing. I keep marking stuff off so I am trying to get myself into the habit of writing what I want to go look at down and coming back to it later! (Need to get into meditating, it's on the to do list)

Listening to
I'm listening to loads of Coldplay at the moment since I finished my HP.  I got really bored for two days then started playing about with music on YouTube.  When I heard Magic from their recent album I remember how much I lived Parachutes when it came out (oh my gosh, I was about 14 when that happened!). So right now I'm getting fill of Everything's Not Lost and Warning Sign.

Everything that's in the freezer so I can get all our stored stuff out of there and get some space!  Also trying not to snack as much after all that junk food from all our visitors! Urge, I ate way yo much.

I am still obsessed with the exploits of The Duggars,  somebody help me...

The vitamin D I'm getting right now with the walking group. Every so often someone will turn to me and strike up a conversation in Dutch, but my blank stares are enough for them to say "oh, so YOU'RE the new girl!" I love visiting all these new places, getting out and exploring, as well as the plentiful cake opportunities that go hand in hand with the walking group.

Waiting in for the workmen so they can fix up the cracks in the floor tiles, there are so many more things I'd rather get out and DO!

Fun things for when Holly comes over!

How to use my new kitchen aid. I'm reading up, as I don't have the converter yet, but when it arrives I'll be ready.

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