Tuesday, 10 June 2014

My New Bike......

When we packed up all our stuff for the big push to Singapore last Novemeber, we decided to take our bike with us. They were not in the greatest condition and some readers will remeber that Sheila go her new PINK bike a few months back.

My bike was okay and I had used it a few times. I did however notice a crack within the gears and investigated having this repaired. This was mistake number two. Mistake number one was probably bringing the bike over in the first place!

So, back to mistake number two. I went online to source some repair shops and was not overly surprised to find loads. I emailed about six of them to see if they could assist. I recieved only two replies to the six emails sent out. Of the two replies one offered to adjuste my brakes and gears for $15 per adjustment. The other offered me the chance to invest $100 for a full bike inspection followed by $15 to adjust the brakes and $15 to adjust the gears. They were unsure if they could fix the problem but could replace the gears at a cost of between $70 (for used parts) and $150 for new.

The thought of investing around $300 on my old bike was not overly tempting so the decision was made to buy a new bike. There are loads of places to buy a bike, however I'm not a professional nor sports rider. I just need something to use in the park and to ride occasionally to the office.

This is where Giant comes in (Not a huge person but the Hyperstore) We bought Sheilas bike from them and I really liked the choice, service and cost. So I bought my new bike from there. I selected about six or seven, bunny hopped them around the store and then settled on the Gold & Black Dream Machine! It has everything I need, two wheels, pedals & chain!  It also has a really light frame, carbon seat, 24 gears etc etc.

I was just a tad over the $300 it would have cost to repair old bessie but I think this one will serve me till I decide tohang up my yellow top!

Even has a bike stand, ooooh fancy...........