Saturday, 3 May 2014


Another snapshot of life at Daisy Towers whilst I wait for the laptop to decide it wants to come out and play.
Im currently reading Divergent by Veronica Roth which I'd started a while ago before our visitors came along.  When I love a book I go through it whiteout stopping, but with people coming out and wanting to chat with them and show them about all the time I just couldn't grit into it and sometimes found I didn't have the energy for it at the end of the day.  I also only picked it when I'd read it was a bit like The Hunger Games but I shouldn't have picked it for that reason as I didn't appreciate it for its own story.  However, Mark and I went to the cinema the other day and seeing as it was my turn to pick the film I picked this which made me want to give it another go.

Listening to
I love listening to talking books and originally picked The Hunger Games thinking it would be a nice easy to listen to YA. However, I absolutely fell in love with the books and the characters so when I'd finished it I was deep in Book Mourning.  I felt I needed something which I knew I'd love so I went back to Harry Potter. Of course it was easy and nice to listen to whilst I pottered (see what I did there?) around the house, I knew these stories and it was easy. Right now I'm on the last book and I'm back to how it was whilst going through THG.  Oh my gosh, I totally forgot how much I love these characters and hadn't read the last book since I waited up until midnight to buy it and read it in 15 hours without putting it down once. Please remind me I am trying to pick easy to listen to (which means easily forgettable) books that I can have on in a quiet house whilst I do the dishes..

Erm not very much! Weeks and weeks of visitors eating what people do when they are on holiday has made me put on a few lbs, so I am eating healthily, not picking up snacks at the supermarket and walking more. 


19 kids and counting.  Totally trashy tv, but I love it.  It's pretty much what the title says and is about a right wing American family who have loads of kids.  Enough said.

I am loving walking Daisy in the park right now.  I love letting her off the lead and letting her play and run.  It's what I felt so bad about when I got here and I'm grateful that we were able to find a place foe her to run about in.


All the people coming over all the time to investigate the house and those cracks...all......the.....time.

Holly comes over in only a couple of weeks and I need to keep her entertained. I am mostly excited to just hang out and do the things we normally did ( read eat cake and talk rubbish). But it's going to be so much fun to do that whilst at Universal Studios, Mount Faber or Marina Bay.


I'm learning to get back in the habit of having the house to myself.  This is great that I get to strip all the beds and toss everything downstairs to drag through the house to the laundry room which pretty much means make a mess before I get things in order...... But it's also really weird to have an empty house again.  I am taking full advantage of the chance to read in the afternoon or perhaps watch some more of that trashy tv.....