Thursday, 1 May 2014

Dover Canal Walk and Labour Day Off

Hope you're having a good Labour Day!  Marks had the day off, but planned on taking it easy until mid day when I'd head home then we could do something fun together.  He had originally planned to take Friday off too, but it was too late before we thought of it.  However any extra day that we can spend together having fun is a bonus!
Our walking group headed off at 9:30 from Dover MRT and walked along the canal.  We came up from the canal shortly to cross Clementi Road and walked past some more estates.  We visited a community vegtable garden where a really kind Uncle took us along an old abandoned railway line to a Buddhist Temple where were able to look around for a little while.  We then continued the canal route, past the AYE to Bukit Batok.
Apparently lots of people have seen kingfishers on this walk before, but we never saw them this time, but there was lots of lizards lazing in the grass and we saw a large one cross the river.
Malavika who I know from RDA had to head away quickly too so we got on the red line at the MRT and switched to the green one to get home.
Mark said he'd pick me up at the station, but due to series lack of communication I headed home one way and he waited at another exit at the MRT!  Eventually it was sorted out and we took Daisy to East Coast Park where it was super busy but really nice to see as the last time we were there it was right after picking Daisy up from the airport.
By this time we'd decided it was time to head home and into the pool.  I was pretty tired after our day of walking and felt more than ready to chill out with Mark and eat fried chicken....seems all that good work was for nothing!