Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter Visitors

Happy Easter!
I can't believe that last year Mark and I dug the car out of the snow to find a place to drive to so we could roll our eggs.  Now a whole year later (and about 3 weeks) we are in sunny Singers welcoming friends with a traditional Easter roast!
Yesterday we headed over to ZAC butchery on Changi Road for halal meat to serve and picked up a lambs leg, rosemary gravy mix and mint sauce.
We headed home via cold storage to get our vegetables and potatoes, as well as some roasting trays. We still didn't get any real ones so we had to pick up the tin foil/throw away ones, but at least that means less clearing up for me! We also got some cake at the bakers. Apparently all of the bakery/delis in cold storage have alcohol in their chocolate cakes.....good job we found out before trying to serve it up to our guests!  It probably makes more sense to have a fruit based dessert after such a rich meal, especially a Spring one.
I love having people over so I can decorate and set out the table, so friends over at Easter is a total blast for me.
It was such a great day and was once again another time I get to turn to Mark and say "remember this time last year?"