Thursday, 24 April 2014

Wandelen Dames

When I headed away from RDA yesterday I saw that Karin was heading in the same direction so we struck up a conversation on the way to the MRT.  Although I see fellow volunteers every week it's quite difficult to get chatting as we are so focused on the kids.
Karin also lives on the green line so we had to switch stations which gave us adequate time to ask each other questions about how we're finding Singapore. I love these chats as there Is so much tacit knowledge we just don't take advantage of (that's probably the librarian part of me coming through....)
One such tidbit was Karin's walking group, the wandelen dames.  It's a Dutch group of women that plan weekly walks all over Singapore. When I found out about them I jumped at the chance to join as a walking group has been on my to do list since I got here.
I was told to meet them at Pasir Panjang which is on the circle line so a two and a half hour walk along the Southern Ridges.  The walk was really good and I'll do another post with lots of pictures describing where to go and each stage.  As someone who hasn't walked very far in ages, let's just say blogging is all I'm good for today.
At the end of the walk we came down from Mount Faber and went to Vivo for juice. I stayed to get an orange juice and chat to everyone, but was also really wanting to get showered and changed into fresh clothes. I used to adore hill walking and love the freedom of getting lost out of doors for a couple of hours, but there's always that moment you get back to civilisation and find you don't look (or smell) like anyone around you!
I hightailed it out of there and hot home ASAP for a quick shower followed by a long bath....heaven!
I'm so grateful I get to go on these adventures and have the opportunity to make new friends, once again Singapore-you delivered!