Thursday, 12 December 2013

Things I’m glad we took to Singapore

Reading other peoples blogs gave me a wealth of information and knowledge that I am so grateful for.  One of the reasons is that its probably saved us a small fortune.  Here are some of the things I’m glad I read up on as they are disproportionately expensive when compared to Scotland…aka Things I’m Glad We Took To Singapore
  • Toothpaste
At about $8 for a small tube I’m pleased that I packed enough for 2 years.  Most tubes in the UK cost about £1-£1.50 when bought on a deal, so I in no way regret dragging Mark out to the shops the night before the movers came to pack our cupboards with the stuff!
  • Good Shampoo
Pretty much See Above.  I have long hair and like swimming which means my hair gets very tangled and can look like ‘rat tails’ easily.  For as frugal as I have always been, I need good shampoo.  It’s quite expensive here so I’m glad I stocked up.  In all honesty it’ll probably only keep me going until the end of summer, but I will have saved an awful lot by then.
  • My Own Kitchen Equipment
Ok, this is a half ‘wish I brought it’ and half ‘glad I brought it’ item.  I took most of my kitchen stuff as I knew I would have a good sized kitchen to put it in.  I took all my pots and pans and really missed them when they were still being shipped to us.  I am really grateful for everything I did bring.  However I was on the cusp of buying a really cute kitchen aid in the UK.  I thought about how I wouldn’t be working and how much more I would be pottering about in the kitchen as I really love spending time doing this.  We put it off as it wouldn’t arrive in time and just assumed we’d buy some things in Singapore where shopping is a national hobby.  We can buy these things here…no doubt about it, half a dozen shops will sell you these kitchen implements and utensils here.  They will just be very, very expensive.
  • Pictures/Things That Make Your House A Home
So many people have commented on how much ‘stuff’ we brought along with us and how they wish they had brought more little personal items of their own.  This is the only thing on this list I can take credit for.  In my opinion if you are moving somewhere you still want it to feel like home, so I brought things I’d want in my home no matter where in the world it was.  This includes Christmas things, I would have went with an empty house at Christmas rather than pay a fortune for things here.  I am so glad we brought our own trees and ornaments.

Well that’s it, but I am sure I will add things over time.  Hopefully this helps if you are moving to Singapore!