Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas One & All

Ho Ho Ho, merry Christmas to everyone!!

We came downstairs this morning to such a wonderful sight :

Santa had obviously been to the house through the night and filled up the stockings with lots of lovely chocolate and things! He even ate his cookie, drank the milk and must have given the chocolate bone to Rudolph as everything had gone from the plate!!

Daisy immediately got into the spirit of things and put her hat on :

She really loves Christmas and was immediately in at her stocking to see all the bags of treats that Santa had bought her!!

We had a very relaxed morning with a lovely breakfast. It comprised Cinnamon Buns, Bacon and Sausages. It was soooo tasty!!

Sheila then tended to the Christmas Dinner. We knew this was going to be a quieter year than the years previous, there was only going to be Sheila and I along with Daisy!! Sheila did a fantastic job of preparing and cooking the dinner as well as setting a lovely table :

We did what anyone else would have done after a feast like this, we went and lay on the sofa and had a sleep!!

Christmas was different but still a lovely day, we had lost of lovely food and presents! Now we know how to do it it will be all the easier next year when the family come over!!

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