Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas Eve and All's Well.............

Hello everyone. Well here we are, just a few weeks here and already its Christmas Eve. Sheila and I had agreed to make it a nice Christmas but not to go too mad as we had only just arrived and were still in the process of settling in I suppose.

Well all of that was ignored!! We both did our shopping and there were many more gifts under the tree than we agreed.

We went out for a pizza and then headed to the cinema to watch Frozen. Back home our Christmas Eve ritual was always the Panto. Doing it this way in Singapore allows us to create our own "new" ritual and still get into the Christmas Spirit!!

We left out milk and a home made cookie for Santa, Daisy even left a chocolate bone out for Rudolph (I don't think she gets it yet??)

We made sure our stocking were hung up and visible for Santa to fill up! The picture below shows my stocking on the left and Sheila's on the right, I wonder who the middle one belongs too??????

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